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Because human capital management clients deserve

a fully compliant solution!

Despite today's widespread use of human capital management solutions, many companies remain exposed to risks for one simple reason: their pay data flows through gap-filling spreadsheets that calculate important rates like:

  • Weighted average overtime

  • Meal premiums 

  • Rest & recovery

  • Minimum rate assurance

  • Incentives

Since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, one spreadsheet can turn an otherwise suitable overall solution into a costly and risky one.

Workforce Performance eliminates this weak link in human capital management with a purpose-built gross hourly pay module that offers superior performance over spreadsheets:

  • Tight integration with other HCM modules

  • Robust variable pay rules engine

  • Permanent archiving of source data

  • Full automation

Because business data is key to human capital management!

What's the next big thing in cloud-based Human Capital Management? It starts when the industry recognizes that the HCM cloud is really a bubble that is surrounded by yet insulated from business data.


Without quantifiable metrics that are derived from business data, HCM is left with only soft metrics, significantly limiting the capabilities of modules like compensation, performance management and scheduling.


Workforce Performance leads this charge with performance compensation technology that has Human Capital Metrics at its core. For our clients, payroll is much more than an administrative necessity: it is at the heart of their strategies to realize better aligned, higher-performing workforces.

Workforce Performance is making performance visible, making performance pay.

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