Imagine your HCM cloud with built-in performance analytics.

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Turn your timesheet into a "work sheet"

For many workforces, timesheet information alone is insufficient to prepare gross pay. Measures from other operational systems are needed:

  • Sales & tips from point-of-sale

  • Mileage and stops from fleet management

  • Fulfillment from warehouses

  • ticket resolution from call centers

Our work sheet architecture supports complete detail of all of the key measures necessary to prepare gross pay in these environments.

Results-based gross pay

 With all of the required measures housed in our work sheet, the performance analysis engine transforms worksheet source data into simple metrics and accurate gross pay:

  • Accurate dollars and hours booked to gross-to-net pay codes

  • billable dollars and hours booked to billing codes

  • Compliance with minimum wage, overtime, rest and recovery requirements

Variable rate compliance

Full compliance with federal, state and local statutes is increasingly dependent on the ability to calculate complex rates of pay:

  • Weighted average overtime

  • Rest and recovery

  • Sick pay lookbacks

  • Minimum wage

These requirements are readily met by the same analytic engine that handles results-based compensation, giving you the agility to rapidly address these ever-changing rules.

Multiple rate policies

Many workforces are paid with policies that contain multiple rates for a single timesheet record:​

  • Certified payroll

  • Prevailing wage

  • Fringe rates

  • Training

  • Health and welfare

Our rules engine can support an unlimited number of rates per timesheet record and serves as an excellent front-end for traditional payroll applications. 

Linking  performance to cost

With performance analytics built right into your HCM cloud, clients will be able to evaluate labor profit and loss daily or even hourly.  This agility helps managers identify and resolve hot spots as they are happening. 

We Integrate With Your Existing HCM Modules

Workforce Performance is designed to complement and not compete with existing HCM modules.  Usually we begin by extending gross pay calculation functionality.  It can be as simple as extracting your timesheet data and sending the calculated results to your payroll module.  From there the sky's the limit.  Want to inform your performance management or scheduling modules with Human Capital Metrics?  We are committed to  working with you to deliver the maximum possible value to your client.