Labor Rate Determination

Tools and Practices for

  • Prevailing wages

  • Incentive payments

  • Union calculations

  • G/L reporting

Industries served

  • Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Hospitality

  • Transportation & logistics

Attracting, rewarding and retaining talent with only soft metrics is so yesterday.

Reclaim HCM as a vital strategic tool 

Expand gross pay preparation into a strategic tool by linking performance to pay.

Inform better scheduling and performance management  with actionable metrics.

Human Capital Metrics

Reduce thousands of operational transactions into line-of-sight metrics that align effort with business goals.

Repurpose used business data

Once a product is sold or shipped or a delivery is made, their transactions often add little value to an organization.   Transform data that is scattered and sidelined  into powerful Human Capital Metrics.

Financial analysis

The same analytic engine that processes accurate performance pay also provides a treasure trove of  financial performance insight: granular and available even as the work is underway. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Employee calculations


Dollars calculated


Years experience

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